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A Family Affair

Modalia Capital is the private investment arm of the Vucich family. Modalia’s history dates to the 1950’s, when we began developing skilled nursing properties in the Chicagoland area. As the family grew, so did the scope of our investments. In addition to senior living, we have been involved in the development and acquisition of single-family homes, office buildings, retail space, and hotels. We are proud to say that our family company is now in its 3rd generation of leadership and based in the Washington, D.C. area. 


Entrepreneurial Attitude, Self-Capitalization, and Tenured Industry Experience are the fundamental pillars upon which Modalia Capital is built. The approach to investments is twofold: transformative and full-circle. We seek undervalued assets with potential for improvement and then play a role in overseeing all stages of the deal from start to finish. Given our lean structure and complete self-capitalization, Modalia can act quickly when an opportunity is found. With over 60 years of family knowledge, we hold extensive experience in the acquisition, development, and management of properties across numerous asset classes.

The team at Modalia prides itself on finding opportunities that other investors often overlook. We currently target senior living and market-rate multifamily development and acquisition opportunities in Mid-Atlantic and Southeast with a $10M-$50M price point, but other asset types are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The Family

Joseph R. Vucich – The 1st Generation


Joseph R. became involved in skilled nursing in 1952. He proudly served as a sergeant in World War II, and he was honored with 2 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart for action during the Battle of the Bulge. Upon his return, Joe started building single family homes in Chicagoland. When he learned about the new skilled nursing industry, he decided to jump in ˗ in true mom-and-pop style. In his first building, Joe lived on the 3rd floor with his wife and kids (including Joseph L.) and took care of the residents living on the floors below. After several years of learning the space and making industry connections, he developed his first “institutional” facility in Racine, WI. Over the years, operations expanded throughout the Midwest and gradually moved east towards Washington, DC, where the family is still active.

Joseph L. Vucich – The 2nd Generation


Joseph L. grew up in the family business working on construction sites, leasing properties, and learning operations. Since the 1970’s, he has overseen the development, management, and acted as general contractor for 740 skilled nursing beds and 140 assisted living beds. In addition to senior living, he developed and self-leased a 33,000 square foot office building, and he built multiple high-end single-family homes. Today, he oversees the management of the entire family operation.

Lois L. Vucich – The 2nd Generation

Lois oversees the daily decisions of Modalia's current and future projects. She also manages the architectural, interior, and landscape design for new acquisitions as well as renovations of current holdings. 

Derek R. Vucich – The 3rd Generation

Derek is in charge of expanding the family’s current holdings. This includes finding new acquisition and development opportunities as well as formulating the proper capital structures for the family’s existing properties. Derek is also tasked with overseeing Vierra Communities, the senior living operating platform for the family. 

Bryant J. Vucich, Victoria F. Vucich – The 3rd Generation

Bryant and Victoria assist both Derek and Lois with daily tasks of Modalia Capital. They are also actively looking for future acquisitions for the company as well as helping manage the procurement of products and services for current and future holdings.

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